Our aim is to let everyone to get their own share on the Web , by letting them boost their business online , using our professional services.


Why is a good design so important?

The good and functional design of website helps you to leave positive thoughts on the mind of the visitors and help them to find what they are looking for without too much effort.According to the statistics,you can draw the general picture of the fact that,if visitors spend too much time on your website in order to find the answer to their questions,with a high potential,they will leave your website,and try to look for another.Therefore,before designing a website,careful consideration of to-do's and not-to-do's must be made,and content that will live on page should be decided.In addition,it's become a necessity to have a mobile-friendly website alongside to the desktop version.However,having two different versions of website serving for one purpose is not a good idea,therefore we make responsive websites to make them look and work perfect on every type of device that has active internet connection,to not make you lose any visitors.We also design websites with Content Management System(CMS) to let you manage the content easily without any need to be a code-genius.CaptainWebs also provides redesing services to make your old-fashioned website follow the trends of modern web design.All of the services are provided by our talented web and graphic designers to ensure the great result.

Our work process

Before starting to create an actual design of the website,we take time to create the strategy which will serve as the main backbone in our development process.We carefully consider your ideas and apply our techiniques to have a solid and professional web design strategy tailored for your company.

Considering the market,your brand,competitors,and everthing else about your company,we develop a design plan for you which will help us to fully modelize the needs of your company from a website and help you leave smile on the faces of your customers.

Having finished the initial two stages,we start to create an actual design of your website by following the modern web design trends as well as considering the functionality that will help your customers to find what they are looking for.