Our aim is to let everyone to get their own share on the Web , by letting them boost their business online , using our professional services.


What is CaptainWebs Affiliate Program ?

Let's say you have a friend who needs a website. You, his friend, don't know how to create a website but you know a company who would do this job in a professional way. All you need to do is just to tell your friend that CaptainWebs is a perfect option and because of you that referred us, we give you 15% of service price back to you as a reward. So, you earn money just by referring us to your friend or anyone around you who needs web development services. In order to make the process as easy and as valid as possible we just need to know you as an affiliate. There are a couple of options for that :

  • Just fill the quick form at the end of the page and let us know that you want to be an affiliate, then we will provide you with special code which we will be used by your friend when he requests a service on CaptainWebs. Your friend just needs to enter your referral code in the given field when he request a service on CaptainWebs, then we will contact you and process the money to your account.
  • Or, send a message to us at our social media pages or contact us through mobile phone or email, and let us know that you know someone who is interested in our services because of you referring CaptainWebs, then after we receive a request on one of our services, we will process your reward to your account
Long in short, all you need to do is letting us know that you are that person who referred CaptainWebs to a potential customer, then we will contact back to you, and process your reward after succesful completion of service.

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Join the Affiliate Program

After we receive your request, our team will contact you and provide you with special code that needs to be used during service request to let us know that you are that person who has made that referral.